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Case Manager

Each family enrolled in Head Start will work with a Case Manager.  Your Case Manager will meet with you five times throughout the year through home visits.

They will:

  • Discuss your participation in program activities.
  • Help you identify your strengths and establish goals by developing a Family Partnership Agreement.
  • Offer information, services and referrals based on the needs of your family.
  • Provide literacy information and materials for your child and your family.
  • Serve as a support person for your family.

Family Engagement

Parents, along with the Case Manager, will be involved in planning monthly family events, parent training and educational activities that meet the interests and needs of families.

  • Parent Committee Meetings – a time for all parents to come together to plan and approve family engagement events and opportunities
  • Family Events – designed to include the entire family in fun engaging activities
  • Parent Training – designed to meet federal guidelines and parent interests as expressed on the Parent Interest Survey.
  • Male Involvement Events – encourage participation of a male figure in your child’s life.
  • Special classroom days – opportunity for other important people in your child’s life to be involved in their Head Start experience. 

Custody and Child Placement Orders

Custody agreements and court orders must be on file at the center in order for Head Start to abide by the agreement.  Please give a copy of all current custody orders to your Case Manager.  Head Start classrooms cannot be used for legal visitations.

When custody is shared between two parties, applications must be completed by both parties.  Staff will offer home visits to both families. It is the responsibility of both parties involved in a custody order to share program information as per their custody agreement. 

Protection from Abuse Orders

The program will follow a temporary Protection from Abuse Order until the expiration date and then it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide the program with the permanent order.

Child Abuse/Mandated Reporting


According to the Child Protective Services Act of 1975, Head Start staff members are mandated reporters.  We are required by law to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. The law was enacted to protect children from abuse. It allows for the opportunity for healthy growth and development, and whenever possible, preserves and stabilizes the family.

If your child is accidentally injured outside the school setting, we ask that you let us know about the injury and how it happened before the child returns to school.
If a situation arises and we must report suspected child abuse or neglect, we are willing to assist the family in dealing with Children and Youth and Family Services (CYFS) and any other agency that may become involved. If you have any questions regarding child abuse reporting or child abuse prevention, please contact your Case Manager.


We want to remind parents that there are alternate methods of discipline besides striking a child. We do realize, however, that children can be very “trying at times.” WARMLINE, offers parents a free consultation service to assist in dealing with child abuse prevention. Their telephone number is 1-800-641-4546. You can also call your Case Manager who with your permission can put you in contact with the Behavioral Support Specialist who is always available to assist parents/guardians in any crisis. We also offer workshops on “Alternative Methods of Discipline.”

What If My Child Will Be Late or Absent From School?

Attendance Policy

It is very important for your child to attend school on a regular basis to improve their social, emotional and intellectual growth.  Regular attendance allows your child to become familiar with routines, master new skills and develop the ability to work and play with other children individually and as a group.

What If My Child Will Be Late to School?...

While we understand that certain situations may occasionally cause your child to arrive late for class, it is very important that he/she regularly arrives on time to ensure that important parts of the day’s lesson and activities are not missed.

If your child will be arriving late due to a medical, dental, or behavioral health appointment, please notify your Case Manager or Teacher prior to the day of the appointment. If an unforeseen family situation occurs that will cause your child be late, please notify the Case Manager or Teacher, as soon as possible, to alert them of your child’s late arrival. If you have any questions, please contact your Case Manager.

What If My Child Will Be Absent/Off from School?...

To report your child off of school, please follow these steps:

  1. Call 946-5247 Ext. 121 and leave your child’s name, child’s bus driver’s name, center and the date(s) your child will be off.
  2. When your child returns to school either complete the absentee form or send a written excuse including the date and reason for absence.
  3. Give the excuse to the bus driver, bus aide or teaching staff member.

Snow Delay/Emergency Closing

In case of bad weather, Head Start will follow your center’s local school district.  For other times when the program may be closed, the following radio and TV stations will announce closings and early dismissals. The program may decide to close if road conditions do not allow safe transportation. 

Please look or listen for: “Blair County Head Start: Closed.” 

WFBG 1290 AM

103.9 FM

WFGY 98.1 FM

WPRR 100.1 FM

WRTA 1240 AM

WVAM 1430 AM

94.7 FM

WMAJ 104.9 FM





You can also check our website at www.cabc-bchs.org or www.wearecentralpa.com
Your Case Manager will provide you with a detailed list in October.